Company History

This information about KAROO GAME CC will give you a more comprehensive insight in our experience of the Game Industry and make it easier for you to do business with us.

KAROO GAME CC is owned by the Minnaar Trust and managed by Gerald and Marcelle Minnaar, and has been serving the Game Industry community since 2003.



Qualifications and experience in the industry – Gerald Minnaar

  • Higher Diploma in Mechanical Enginering – 1989

  • Professional Hunters course - 1992

  • Game Capture course Zimabwe – 1997

  • Registered as Professional Hunter and Outfitter – 1993


Gerald has been involved and working extensively in the Game Industry since 1992.

He and his wife Marcelle and their two children Sean (16) and Frances (12) live in Beaufort West and on the farm Matjiesvlei.

Gerald acted as a Professional Hunter from 1993 to 2001 and had taken a number of international clients on hunting safaris in various parts of South Africa and Africa.

In 2002, Gerald realizing that it gave him more of a thrill to capture and translocate live animals successfully, decided to start Karoo Game which would primarily focus on game capturing operations, but also to offer his expert advice on game farm development, game fencing and general management.

The new Western Cape Conservation Translocation Policy - In 2010, Gerald Minnaar was nominated and formed part of a task team comprised of members from the Western Cape Game Industry and Cape Nature which was then called the "Game Forum".

The Game Forum would re-negotiate and formulate the new widely discussed and controversial Western Cape Translocation Policy.

After months of meetings and negotiations the new Western Cape Translocation Policy, which was accepted by both the Game Industry and Cape Nature was signed of and published 24 January 2011.

The company has had a steady growth over the past years and today offers a respected and professional service in the wildlife industry.

In 2010 the business was blessed with two new first time ventures:

  • First successful Rhino capture and translocation with the expert help of Dr. Brendan Tindall.

  • First succesfull export of animals to Kuwait in partnership with Hans Kooy of Thabamanzi Wildlife Services.

In 2011 we are very exited about another first timer:

  • Our first Game Auction to be held on 25 June 2011!

Mission statement:

The successes that we have achieved over the years we contribute to, a passion for the business, hard work and dedication but, most importantly, being Blessed abundantly by our Heavenly Father!